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Melody Drifting in the Rain Chapter 14

TL: FluffyPolarBear

ED: (not yet finished)

TL Note: For the next 3 chapters I’m planning on releasing them all next week since their the last ones and finish up the novel. Also doesn’t feel like there’s much point in having to wait another week for the last chapter

Chapter 14

     Jumping from his horse, he disregarded the several other swords stabbing at his back and dropped to his knees heavily into the yellow dirt. Both of his hands shook as he held the wretched and broken body under his white gown from the dust.

     “Wuchen, Wuchen!” The soil beneath his feet seemed to turn into waves as Yan Bai stumbled, barely able to hold himself upright. He called out in a low voice, yet the person in his arms had already broken many bones and tendons and could no longer hear his words.

     He took hold of her hand, yet it was clear that the bones in her arm had already snapped as the entire arm was hanging down limply.

     “Wuchen, Wuchen,” he continued to call softly as he carefully cupped her face. Due to the fall, her skull cracked and the otherwise formerly beautiful and elegant face looked distorted, yet a hint of an inexplicable smile remained.

     Yan Bai reached out his hand to gently brush away the loose hair on her face, not caring about the quick spear that was about to pierce through his heart.

     The soldiers who caught up with him were overjoyed, not expecting the reward of a thousand gold and the title of Marquis to come so easily.

     Swoosh. At the moment those three or four spears were about to pierce his chest, suddenly, the sand moved up into a golden wind. It was as if the swirling yellow sand reflected the setting sun as it emitted a golden luster.

     Afterward, on the throats of those few soldiers was an additional thin stroke of red.

     The few remaining soldiers beside them let out a panicked shout and scattered and retreated, but no one was around. However, hooves sounded and a golden steed barged in from the chaotic formation. The man on the horse flipped over in the air as he put away the long golden rope in his hand.

     “Yan Bai, come quickly!” As soon as that man landed on the ground, he shouted loudly at the white-clothed man in front of him, “We’re here to pick you up!”

     However, Prince Xueya merely kneeled on the ground and didn’t move a muscle.

     “Come quickly! I’m Bihui’s second brother, Chaofeng— Follow me now!” The man with tied hair and carved eyebrows approached and grabbed Yan Bai’s shoulders. He had very fair skin and his hands were practically almost the same shade as his white robe — Fortunately, his jawline was extremely masculine, so he didn’t give people the feeling of “as beautiful as a woman” because of the fairness of his skin and his delicate facial features.

     Chaofeng, who had come to the Dragon Head Plains from the North Sea, was a bit impatient to grab his brother-in-law’s shoulder, trying to pull this badly injured man up and get him on a horse— After all, although the people he brought with him this time were powerful, there were not many of them. A sudden move could disrupt Lord Yonglin’s deployment, but if they got caught into a prolonged battle, it would be a huge problem.

     However, with a tug, he saw the dead woman held in Yan Bai’s hands. For a moment, Chaofeng could not contain his shock. His eyes were like lightning as they flashed to the other’s face, seeing that look, Chaofeng’s gaze suddenly narrowed and he said one word at a time, “Come with me now.”

     Yan Bai’s eyes somewhat wandered and drifted away, and he simply had not heard his dark and chilly tone turning lower and lower. He just held the woman, who had already begun to become ice-cold in his arms, and he didn’t move.

     Pah! —The eyes of the Sea King’s second son all of a sudden appeared icy, and without saying a word, he then raised his hand and heavily slapped the other person in the face!

     “My sister’s not going to be married to you!” The frail-looking and feminine Chaofeng’s anger right now seemed like it was about to erupt. He shook his head with a grim smile and looked at his brother-in-law, “—We’re pouring in our efforts to help you and aid you, but what are you doing? Even though you joined the Jin Family in exchange for our help, you failed to abide by even the most fundamental agreement! Dad was wrong about you, too… None of you can see what’s good about Sister!”

     He no longer looked at Yan Bai and angrily turned back. In the chaotic battlefield, Chaofeng flipped over onto his horse. The gales blew his soft hair, but the eyes of the North Sea’s King turned cold as ice and he pointed in the direction of the other person: “Go to hell! I won’t bother with you anymore!”

     Chaofeng spurred his horse into a gallop and the chaotic battle formation behind him rushed at him in an instant. They were spread across the entire Dragon Head Plains. Instantly, the blood-soaked white clothes were once again submerged amongst the ocean of weapons.

     “Second, Second Brother…wait a second.” He had just galloped a few strides away, but a familiar cry could be heard near him, broken, as they gasped for breath.

     Chaofeng turned his head suddenly, and out of the corner of his eye, he saw red clothes flashing and a horse coming from the horizon. The horse seemed to gallop as if it were flying. Its four hooves soared through the air as fast as lightning— It seems that girl had taken Fourth Brother’s Dragon Horse. Unfortunately…

     He looked at the girl rushing over there, but she actually went straight to the moat area where Prince Xueya was. The figure hadn’t even reached him yet and hurriedly took off the stirrups and landed on the ground. She stood next to Yan Bai’s side and reprimanded him as she used her long whip to first sweep around. All at once, a few of the soldiers that had advanced toward them were swung away.

     Chaofeng suddenly let out a deep sigh. There was nothing more he could do, so he was forced to spur his horse and go back.

     As soon as Jin Bihui dropped onto the ground, she saw the corpse of Zhangsun Wuchen and suddenly felt like she had been punched in the heart. She stumbled back a step, her legs seemingly losing strength— Too late… Still too late.

     “Let’s, let’s go back first, okay?” She forced herself to restrain the violent churning of her heart. For the first time, she spoke to her husband in that consultative tone, however, Yan Bai just glanced at her and did not speak. Suddenly lowering his head, he silently removed something from the Crown Princess’ body and tossed it to her.

     Jin Bihui turned her hand and caught it. When she gazed at it carefully, she found that it was a silk brocade bag and contained inside was the Warding Dust Pearl.

     “I’ll return it all to you,” Yan Bai suddenly said in a low voice. He unexpectedly burst into indescribable laughter, “Come on, all of you…criticize me! I love Wuchen… I’m in love with my brother’s wife, what about it?”

     Jin Bihui’s hands shook so violently that she could barely hold it. She staggered, but luckily someone behind her helped her in time — It was her second brother, Chaofeng.

     “You still want him?” Chaofeng held his sister’s shoulder and pointed at Yan Bai with one hand, the anger inside his eyes almost about to combust. “You’re even protecting such a person? Are you still the daughter of the Jin Family? Are you still my sister—”

     “I still want him.” Jin Bihui suddenly gnashed her teeth and stood up straight, glaring back at her elder brother. “If you don’t help me get him out of here, right now, I’m longer your sister!”

     “Girl, you—” Chaofeng was also startled and inadvertently cursed, “Spineless!”

     However, seeing his sister’s stern and serious eyes, the North Sea’s King also had no choice but to return and walked over to the side of his distraught brother-in-law. Suddenly, he stretched out and struck the Hun Point in his waist. Afterward, he looked at the wound’s condition causing him to frown and used his finger to seal all the major acupuncture points near his wound in a single breath, preventing the blood from continuing to flow out.[1]

     “This bastard is really fearless…” Although he disgusted with this person, after seeing such a serious injury, Chaofeng still had to nod his head. He then picked up Yan Bai and put him on his horse and as he turned around, he froze again — He saw that his sister was just then picking up the dead body of Crown Princess Zhangsun from the ground and putting it on her horse.

     When Jin Bihui saw the look in her brother’s eyes, she suddenly laughed, “Scold me! Just call me spineless!”

     Without restraining her smile, she jumped on the horse’s back and lashed out. The Dragon Horse shrieked and kicked its hooves, seemingly soaring away.

     After a long conversation, Shen Tiexin sighed as he came out of Suanni’s cabin and looked at the fleet of ships moving swiftly in the dawn, finally deciding on the matter of utmost importance.

     Your Seventh Highness… I only hope that you can escape this disaster— And then, this general will definitely help you again to achieve great things!

     For all these years, Crown Prince believed in the words of Chief Advisor, Xu Fuyan, while jealous of Seventh Prince’s outstanding achievements. But although they were blood-related, there would also be misunderstandings— Even though His Seventh Highness had always assisted his elder brother and fought in one place after another without complaint, was it all only to receive his present fate in return?

     Shen Tiexin gazed into the distance and saw that the Dragon Head Plains was on the other side. Farther away was his beloved country. How many years had it been? Away from their homeland, fighting everywhere…yet the hope of regaining their land was dimming day by day. Ultimately, the Crown Prince’s army, which was plagued by problems left and right, actually reached the point where His Seventh Highness had to marry into the Jin Family in exchange for foreign aid!

     Rather than like this… it would indeed be better for His Seventh Highness to take the reigns of this world right into his own hands!

     He raised his head suddenly and with a long, great cry, he finally made up his mind for the last time!

     Before his shout subsided, Shen Tiexin saw a small boat rushing upstream. Amidst the crack of dawn, a familiar set of white clothes sat on the front of the boat— The valiant general’s eyes suddenly widened because of surprise.

     “Your Seventh Highness! Your Seventh Highness!” he jumped onto the bow of the boat suddenly, leaning against the side of the boat, and shouted.

     However, that person was sitting on the bow of the boat, seemingly in a daze as he watched the flowing water and did not spare a glance at his subordinate.

     When Shen Tiexin saw the vague tint of blood on Prince Xueya’s white clothes, he tensed up at once and wished he could jump over the boat and run to his commander-in-chief’s side. He shouted once again, yet the white-clothed man still didn’t hear him. He paid no attention to him and simply took out his flute, playing it from the bow of the boat.

     A fellow like Shen Tiexin, bold and straightforward as he was, also became stupefied when he heard the sound of the flute. It only felt like something bitter and piercing seeped into the marrow of his bones.

     This time, Prince Xueya was, yet again, playing “Tie Yi Han”, but instead of the cold sharpness of a soldier’s knife, it was entirely sorrowful like water.

     What…what was going on?

     Shen Tiexin had a bad premonition in his heart and his heart sank straight down— Something bad must have happened… Since His Seventh Highness returned well, could it be, could it be that something happened to the Imperial Concubine who rushed over there?

     While he was speculating like that, he saw the red dress in the cabin move. Seventh Concubine, with her head lowered, walked out and went toward Prince Xueya’s back. The red dress fluttered like a flame as it mirrored the emerging sun on the water’s surface, brilliant and indiscernible from one another.[2]

     However, Shen Tiexin didn’t know what felt amiss… That Imperial Concubine, Imperial Concubine was unexpectedly this quiet today.


[1] “Hun Point”: “Hun” roughly translates to “fainting” so Yan Bai is knocked out when this point is struck

[2] I think Author is saying how the sun and her dress appear the same as each other as they look the same on the surface of the water (maybe?)

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